Saturday, 1 June 2013

Urban Decay Naked vs MUA Undress Me

I've found an exact dupe of the Urban Decay Naked palette and I wanted to share it with you and show you swatches! If you're unsure about wanting to splurge £36 on the Naked palette then this £4 MUA Undress Me palette will be perfect for you, especially if you want to try out the colours before you buy the original.


As you can tell they have the colours in the exact same order and they are pretty much the same colours! Obviously the packaging of the Naked palette is much higher quality and comes with an eyeshadow brush and mini primer potion whereas the Undress Me palette comes with a dual end sponge tip applicator. The main difference in the texture of the eyeshadows is that the Naked palette applied more smooth and silky compared to the Undress Me palette. I find that with the Undress Me palette the eyeshadows first don't apply really pigmented on the first swatch but when you build it up, it becomes really intense and opaque, even more so than the Naked palette. The matte colours from the Undress Me palette aren't very pigmented and are harder to build up than the shimmery eyeshadows. A plus about the Undress Me palette is that the dupe for Sidecar doesn't have any glitters so there is not fall out, unlike the original. Also MUA have an Undress Me Too palette which as you can tell is the dupe for the Naked 2 palette. I will be doing a post of swatches for the Undress Me Too palette however I don't have the Naked 2 palette to compare it with. Overall my personal favourite is the Naked palette just because I don't want to build up the eyeshadow and I prefer that it is pigmented with the first swatch, but I do still love the MUA palette and will continue to use both!


Left: Urban Decay Naked
Right: MUA Undress Me

From left to right: Virgin, Shade 1
Satin nude

From left to right: Sin, Shade 2
Shimmery champagne

From left to right: Naked, Shade 3
Matte buff

From left to right: Sidecar, Shade 4
Beige with silver glitter

From left to right: Buck, Shade 5
Matte brown

From left to right: Half Baked, Shade 6
Shimmery golden bronze

From left to right: Smog, Shade 7
Shimmery bronze brown

From left to right: Darkhorse, Shade 8
Shimmery bronze plum

From left to right: Toasted, Shade 9
Shimmery pinky brown

From left to right: Hustle, Shade 10
Shimmery mocha

From left to right: Creep, Shade 11
Metallic near black

From left to right: Gunmetal, Shade 12
Metallic dark grey

Have you tried either one of these palettes before? Do you think you'll pick one of them up?
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