Sunday, 19 May 2013

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Review

Today I'm going to be reviewing a few John Frieda Frizz-Ease products which I have been trying out for a while now. So first of all I think I should tell you about my hair; my hair is long and naturally straight and not frizzy at all, however I do get a hair bit of fly aways as does everyone else. I really like using hydrating and nourishing hair products in my hair to restore the moisture which is lost from washing and blow drying my hair every day.

This intensive hair mask has to be my favourite product that I tried from the John Frieda Frizz-Ease range. It is used as a conditioner that you leave in for a minute, which is what I typically do with ordinary conditioners however this honestly leaves my hair feeling ultra soft and silky. It also makes brushing my damp so effortless rather than having a battle with my hair and worrying about breaking the strands. It says to use this daily however I don't have the need to use it daily because it leaves my hair feeling nourished for a few days so I use this every other day.

This smoothing creme can be used in damp and dry hair, but I tend to apply it to damp hair then blow dry it. I must admit that I never use a heat protectant for when I blow dry my hair everyday, which you would never think that blow drying your hair can be that damaging but in fact it is and I'm so bad at realising that it actually is so I never bother using anything to prevent the damage. I discovered this smoothing creme that contains ThermaGuard® Complex which helps protect against damage from heat tools as well as smoothing frizz and helping block humidity. This product helps tame my fly aways throughout the day and also would be perfect for the summer or countries with humid climates. It also claims to keep hair silky-straight for up to 24 hours which I can't really test because my hair is straight already, however when I use this product my hair doesn't become as kinky which it tends to get when it is windy. An added bonus is that it also contains sweet almond oil and milk protein which smoothes and conditions the hair leaving it silky and healthy.

This perfecting creme is perfect for my hair as it replaces the natural oils lost through blow drying and helps with camouflaging split ends. I don't get a lot of split ends but I do get a few and this perfecting creme makes my ends look really healthy and nourished. It also adds shine without looking greasy which I love, even though my hair is naturally silky, I still love using products that give my hair a healthy glow. It also has a UV filter which really appeals to me because it will help prevent my hair becoming really dry in the summer. I apply this to dry hair after blow drying it, concentrating the product on the ends and working the excess up the hair to the roots. 

I love using this hairspray for smoothing down fly aways. I spray the top of my hair from a distance then smooth the fly aways with my hand and they seem to stay put for most of the day. I also love how it doesn't make the hair feel hard and crispy which is a hairspray pet peeve for me. It also contains a UV filter and barrier against humidity which is perfect for summer and hot humid countries.

Overall I'm really enjoying using these products and they are great value for money. I can't really tell you how they perform at keeping your hair straight throughout the day, however they are definitely good at controlling fly aways, so if you're looking for some affordable hair care then I'd recommend these especially for taming your fly aways and hydrating your hair from the loss of moisture caused by heat tools.

You can check out the whole range of Frizz-Ease products here.

They also have a YouTube channel which has videos of expert hair styling tips, which you can check out here.

Have you ever tried any John Frieda products before?
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