Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cupcake Nail Tutorial

Hey everyone! I thought I could share this cupcake nail design that I did. I think that is it really cute and you can switch up the colours to your preference, and great for all the cupcake lovers out there! 

I'd say that this design is quite hard if your a beginner and you need a steady hand, but even if you don't it will look great from a distance! As you can tell mine aren't perfect. Here's a step by step guide to getting these nails:

  1. Apply a base coat of your choice evenly onto all your nails
  2. Apply two coats of a light pink nail polish onto all your nails except the middle fingers
  3. Using a long thin nail art brush and a dark pink polish (or a dark pink nail art pen) carefully paint three strips on top of the light pink nail polish
  4. For the middle fingers, apply the same light pink nail polish onto a third/half of the nail
  5. With a white nail polish, paint three small strokes creating a cloud-like shape and create a curve for the top of the cupcake, and fill in the gaps
  6. Using a dotting nail tool or a tooth pick apply some sprinkles onto the cupcake
  7. Use a glittery dark pink colour, put a cherry on top of your cupcake
  8. Finally, seal in your design with a top coat and add a beautiful shine!

Products Used:

Next (Doesn't say the shade)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave feedback and any requests that you have!
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